Renovation & Restoration



Many of our landlord clients turn to us to renovate or build out a space for existing or new tenants. This is referred to as Tenant Improvements or TI’s.  In some cases a landlord will give the tenants an allowance to complete the necessary renovations themselves.

Leeswood provides in house design planning and has the capability to work from existing designs. We ensure we deliver on budget but also conforming to to all current codes and bylaws, which can be a challenge with renovations.


We have restored many existing buildings that have been left vacant by past tenants or owners but currently are not conducive to leasing as they exist. Often a previous tenant/owner left the building in shambles or was so industry specific the space has been left undesirable to the masses.

It is our job to bring the building “back to base”. We will demolish the current layout, unsure the base building is structurally sound, update it with new lighting if required, paint and redo floors surfaces. This process has proven to be highly successful for many of our client landlords for both leasing and resale options.