Joshua Creek Business Park

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Carttera had a vision for this property and spared no expense for this project. With excellent exposure to the QEW, they decided on 3 flex office buildings with glazing, and units divisible as required by potential tenants. A unique and complex building component was the various planes of aluminum panels. Carttera decided to build on Spec. Invested $8 Million dollars on this project and their insight paid off.

This project was not without its challenges but worked out well in the end. Our first challenge included a environmental issues as well as Shale that needed to be removed. We broke ground in early November of 2011 and for 2 months we experienced wetter than normal conditions which made it very hard for us to get the paving complete before the snow was to come in December. Our milder than normal winter was both a blessing and a curse however we were able to complete the project, on time and on budget.